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    What We Offer

    Wingmans is designed to give you the full Wingery experience combining fresh quality ingredients and flavours you wont forget!

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    Our Signature Ingredients

    Unlike similar chicken pop ups, our food is always 100% fresh and homemade with the majority of our wings being gluten free. The ingredients we use have each been individually selected to guarantee best quality and flavour.

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Who are we?

  • Wingmans.

    A wing lovin' trio with a passion for good food and mouth-watering flavours. We have dedicated ourselves to bring London a brand new pop-up experience in order to make sure that when you need wings, we're your man!

  • Food.

    Our aim is to fill Britain's stomachs with our signature wings covered in Wingmans homemade sauces. All ingredients used are 100% fresh and have been carefully selected in order to provide maximum flavour to really test your taste buds!

  • Our Mission.

    Wingmans love to satisfy, and we can only do this whilst cooking you up a batch of our signature wings and delicious sides. Our chefs are dedicated to creating the best chicken wings London has to offer!

London's best chicken wing!

This year we took part in London Wing Fest, an event that brings together the finest purveyors of chicken wings from around the country in a battle for best buffalo wing & wing of the year.


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